Ata Local 38 Collective Agreement


Bonuses will continue to be distributed between the Board of Directors and the Teacher in accordance with Article 20 of this Agreement, unless the Teacher informs the Board of her wish to cease participating in the Performance Plans. The chairman, the chairman of the economic policy committee and another local official designated by the local shall receive from the board of directors a salary applicable in accordance with the collective agreement and shall be subject to it. Notwithstanding other provisions of this collective agreement, the Native may set a higher salary or allowance, which shall be communicated to the Salary Management Department of the Human Resources Department for payment. The premises shall reimburse the board of directors for all salaries and allowances paid under this provision at such hours as the board of directors may request. The increase in salaries and allowances paid under this provision is not circled in red. If the Board of Appeal fails to make a decision or if the appeal is dismissed by the Board, any party to this Collective Agreement may request arbitration served on the other party within ten (10) working days from the date on which the decision was made or within ten (10) working days from the expiry of such period of twenty-one (21) days. working hours, in accordance with clause 22.5. based on the shortest value. If such notification is not served within the time limits laid down in this clause, the appeal shall be deemed closed.

The parties may agree, by mutual agreement, to postpone the arbitration. This communication must contain a statement on the nature of the complaint. Both parties undertake to order their bargaining teams to continue to cooperate on matters of mutual interest with a view to possible accession to the next round of collective bargaining or an amendment to the collective agreement, in accordance with clause 2.6. The evaluation must reflect the criteria on the basis of which the evaluator adopted the position, but the job description may be changed following an evaluation or at any time by mutual agreement, and subsequent evaluations must reflect this modified job description. The Committee cannot consider questions of interpretation or recourse, nor discuss the amendment of the collective agreement or other matters duly left to the normal procedure of collective bargaining. No agreement, decision or measure of the Committee shall be construed by any Party as an interpretation or modification of this Agreement. The Management Board may set up or appoint new administrative bodies in respect of teachers covered by this Convention. The administrative allowances and salaries applicable to such newly created or designated administrative posts shall be negotiated with the Association, in accordance with clause 2.6 of this Agreement, before the post is put up for competition or the appointment is made. .

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