Carryover Allocation Agreement


A copy of the full tax credit requirement for low-income housing must be provided, as well as a copy of the form of the fully executed carryover allowance when the transfer was made. Information that is not available before the deadline set by ADOH may lead to the project not receiving a carryover allowance. If progress or quality has not been satisfactory, ADOH may report serious deficiencies to each funding source, other project team members and the candidate, and the project may be revoked due to lack of satisfactory progress.4.3 Credit returnIf ADOH concludes at any time that a project no longer meets I.R.C. ADOH may cancel a reservation. , a bonus agreement or a qualification provision. If the application, reservation or carryover is refused due to the applicant`s measures or deficiencies, the fee is due and must be paid to ADOH upon request. All applicants who have received a definition of qualification or booking, transfer allowance or allowance must report on the progress of the project every 60 calendar days after receiving the qualification, booking, transfer, transfer or assignment, along with a brief description.

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