Ceta Trade Agreement


CETA represents the comprehensive economic and trade agreement. It is a free trade agreement signed between the European Union (EU) and Canada. The agreement entered into force provisionally on 21 September 2017. To embody and protect working conditions that respect the health and safety of workers, in particular by formulating policies that promote the fundamental principles of the prevention of accidents and injuries resulting from or during work and that aim to develop a preventive culture of safety and health that gives the highest priority to the principle of prevention. In developing and implementing measures to protect occupational health and safety, each Party shall take into account relevant scientific and technical information and related international standards, guidelines or recommendations, where the measures are likely to affect trade or investment between the Parties. The Contracting Parties recognise that in the event of an existing or potential danger or conditions which can reasonably be expected to cause injury or illness to a natural person, he or she shall not use the lack of complete scientific safety as a reason for the relocation of systems, including the taking into account of work within the ESC, to facilitate exchanges between the Parties. Each party prevails over the possibility of opposing trademark applications or trademarks. Each Party shall make available a publicly accessible electronic database containing trade mark applications and trade marks. and, in accordance with the WTO Agreement or any other agreement to which the Parties are parties, a Contracting Party may not seek redress for breach of such an obligation in either forum. In that case, as soon as dispute settlement proceedings have been initiated on the basis of an agreement, the Contracting Party shall not take any action for breach of the essentially equivalent obligation under the other agreement, unless the chosen forum fails to make findings on that claim for procedural or judicial reasons, with the exception of the cessation referred to in point 20 of Annex 29-A.

1. The Parties recognize that electronic commerce increases economic growth and trade agreements), Chapters 2 (National Treatment and Market Access for Goods), Five (Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures) and Six (Customs and Trade Facilitation), the Protocol on Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures, and Sections B (Investment) and C (Non-discriminatory Treatment) of Chapter Eight (Investment) 2000. Article XX of GATT 1994 is incorporated into this Agreement and is an integral part of this Agreement. .

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