You`ve Already Agreed To The Apple Developer Agreement


Apple offers two main options for signing up as an Apple developer. If you already have an iTunes or iCloud account, or if you`ve already used the Apple Online Store, you can use your existing Apple ID for your development activities. For me, however, I decided to choose the second option and create a brand new Apple ID. I thought that by having a separate Apple ID, I could separate my app development activities from my personal account and that`s the assumption I`ll make by going through the rest of the process later in this article. I checked for myself but received the message that the email has already been used. My problem was that I didn`t receive a confirmation email from Apple. I fixed this on the Apple ID page. Go to and sign up and send another confirmation email. didn`t work for me when I tried to enter the validation code, he said the email is already in use :/ I have the same problem now. My development program ends in a month and I wanted to reactivate it, but when I sign up for the Member Center, I`m Every 6 to 12 months, Apple updates its legal terms for developers. They do this for many reasons and they are not negotiable.

For legal reasons, they require the person who owns the Apple developer account to agree to these terms, so unfortunately we can`t accept them on your behalf (or trust us!) 4. On the review page, you will see that there is a checkbox to accept the agreement and a blue “Accept” button click on the Accept button In my case, the solution to this was that my email account has not been verified. I had signed up for the development program with a different email address than the one registered for my Apple ID. (You`re already signed in at this point, so Apple allows you to change the primary email address.) 1. Sign in to your developer account Apple regularly releases new license agreements for the Apple Developer Program that all customers must accept. By not accepting the latest contract, you prevent Optix from pushing updates to your white label apps such as new features and bug fixes. To accept the last deal, please follow the steps below: Same problem for us! Try to fix the problem by calling Apple from dayS, but no solution since then. Hi Apple??? Accepting the Apple Developer Agreement is actually very simple and only takes a few steps. On Apple`s confirmation page, select Next.

Once you`ve done that, you`ll be signed in to the Apple Member Center, the central hub where you manage your Apple Developer account and access all the benefits associated with members. For now, feel free to explore this region on your own, we will visit it again in later articles. Another tip, if you want to return to the Members Area, launch your browser and visit and sign in with your new Apple ID. Thank you for your archives. I have the same problem in the Apple Den Center. .

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